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Mobile massage & Bicheno Studio, East Coast Tasmania

Our mobile massage service is available throughout the East Coast of Tasmania, including Coles Bay, Bicheno and Swansea. Alternatively, make an appointment to visit us at our Bicheno Studio.

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Our story

Hi! We are Jemma and Sam. We are two dreamers and wanderers, who have settled in the idyllic seaside town of Bicheno, the perfect place to raise our two young children.

The beautiful East Coast of Tasmania is the beating heart of Freycinet Massage. We love nothing more than helping others to relax, enjoy our coastline, and sink into the peace that is held here.

With over 12 years of combined knowledge, we are experienced and passionate about our practice. We are forever learning, growing and expanding our offerings to enhance your experience.


Meet our therapists


Sam Thorp

Remedial Massage Therapist

Providing treatments uniquely tailored to each individual, Sam provides space for clients to reconnect. A treatment with Sam will leave you with increased mobility, relief from pain and a sense of grounded calm.

Sam uses techniques and modalities such as Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release and Cupping. He can assist with easing aches and pains, working with injuries and helping you surrender to a state of deep relaxation.

He also specialises in Craniosacral Therapy (CST), which uses gentle touch to tune into the Craniosacral rhythm of the body. Work with the Craniosacral system can be directed to influence all aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional body. By working with restrictions and bringing balance and proper function to the CranioSacral system we get to the underlying cause of the symptoms we experience. It can be incredibly beneficial for a wide range of ailments, particularly those effecting the nervous system, the cranial bones, the soft tissue of the body and the brain.

Sam is passionate about helping people connect with their deeper selves, bodies, and the world around them.


Jemma Hosking

Remedial Massage Therapist

A massage with Jemma is a truly holistic experience. An expert in the therapeutic power of touch, she will listen to the needs of you and your body.

She integrates various modalities, including Remedial, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Dry Needling and Cupping, to provide a nurturing and relaxing massage and address any areas of concern.

Jemma is experienced in treating sports injuries and chronic pain and can help you regain mobility and strength. With her background as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, Jemma will guide you through beneficial take-home techniques, recommended to complement remedial massage treatments.

Jemma is passionate about the journey to motherhood and specialises in treating women during their pregnancies and post-partum. A nurturing massage during these special times is not only an indulgence but can be very beneficial for both mother and baby.


Julianna Jewel Pietroniro

Relaxation & Deep tissue Massage Therapist

Receiving a massage from Julianna creates a space for the mind and body to unwind, she is sensitive and listens to the specific messages each body shares to create a feeling of being heard and hold space for stress release. She is skilled at facilitating tension release to areas of tightness in the body.

Through Julianna’s gentle and perceptive presence, you will find yourself in a space where you feel deeply held and cared for.

Julianna is trained in Swedish Therapeutic and Relaxation massage as well as offering Deep Tissue massage. She trained in her native Quebec with Kine-concept Guijek, a massage style that aids range of motion and releasing tension by restoring blood flow. This style of massage allows the body to access the energy and nutrients it needs to heal itself, through heat, pressure and flushing of the lymph.

Allow Julianna to create space for your body to access and activate its own healing power.


Lola Dulude

Relaxation & Deep tissue Massage Therapist

A massage with Lola is an experience of deep relaxation and reconnection with yourself. Lola is skilled at creating a relaxing environment and attuning her technique to best unravel your body and meet your unique needs.

Lola is qualified in Deep Tissue Massage and Kinetic Swedish massage, a technique that helps enhance your movement quality, release muscular tension, and create space for relaxation.

She prioritizes movements with fluidity and creates the feeling of being carried, to relax the nervous system and relieve deep muscular tension. Lola has a conscious touch and focuses on creating space for reconnection to your own body through breath and therapeutic touch.


Lucy McCarrol

Remedial Massage Therapist

After completing her diploma in 2018, Lucy realised that caring for ourselves and our bodies through a holistic approach is paramount. Lucy’s massage style is intuitive and nurturing.

She incorporates Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Passive Stretching, Myofascial Release, Modern Cupping and Swedish techniques. She has an innate ability to allow clients to drop into a state of deep relaxation whilst using slow, firm pressure.

Lucy ensures every stroke, touch, and movement is performed with intention, care and a whole lot of love.

Lucy began her journey in health and well-being as a personal trainer, working with clients on strength and conditioning, endurance training and everyday fitness. She has trained and competed in several sports, including roller derby, strongman, bodybuilding and CrossFit.

Lucy’s journey into remedial massage began with her realisation of how high-impact physical activity and the stressors of everyday life can affect the body. This has driven her desire to assist others through the healing power of touch.


Looking for an amazing stay on the East Coast? 

Here are a few of the places we are lucky enough to work with.

Freycinet Lodge

Nestled in the peace and tranquility of Freycinet National Park. Overlooking the blue waters of Great Oyster Bay with the Hazards mountain range as your backdrop, time stands still in this incredible place.

Aplite House

Aplite House is a luxury, eco-stay sitting amongst two hundred acres of private property of secluded forest, fringed by the world-renowned Freycinet National Park. A sanctuary, a place to unwind and reconnect with nature in absolute luxury.

Still at Freycinet

A hygge- inspired, Nordic sauna escape overlooking the rugged dunes of Sandpiper Beach. Soak up the breathtaking views of the Hazards and sink into pure luxury and relaxation.

Harvey’s Farm Bicheno

A luxury escape nestled between the mountains and the sea in Bicheno. Set on 2.5 acres, Harveys Farm Bicheno offers oceanfront accommodation for a dreamy getaway.

Freycinet Holiday Houses

With over 100 stays in the Freycinet Region, from the simple shack stay to absolute luxury, Freycinet Holiday Houses have the perfect place for you

Casa Bicheno

Designed for two, Casa Bicheno is a sensual, luxurious escape in Bicheno. The culmination of thoughtful living, curated with guest experience at front of mind.

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